School History

School Building


The Bexon Primary School operated as the Bexon Combined School from its inception until February of 1996, when students of Primary School age were moved to a new building. A  new principal, in the person of Mrs. Marilyn Bain, was appointed to the Primary School during the course of the month.

During the period 1990 to 1996, the performance of the Bexon Combined School fluctuated between 19 and 31 percent, reaching a percentage high of 39 in 1994. It is important to note that for 20 years, the school operated below the National Mean, i.e. the pass mark regarded by the Ministry of Education at the Common Entrance Examination.

However, during the period of 1996 to 2001, the Bexon Primary School made some formidable strides in its performance with a gradual increase of 31 percent in 1996 to a pass-rate of 70 percent in 2001. Since then, the school has been operating at or above the National Mean.

The principal’s good leadership skills, accompanied by high staff morale, motivation of pupils, the new physical environment, disciplining of students, co-operation between members of staff, increased attendance of students and last but not least, better parental involvement, all these things attributed to the immediate improvements in the students’ performance.

In 2003, Mrs. Carmen Charles, took on the role of Principal at the Bexon Primary School. Because of her leadership skills, the school continued to excel and progress in Music, Sports and Common Entrance Examinations.

Mrs. Carmen Charles was instrumental in increasing fathers’ involvement in their child’s education by having annual fathers’ meeting as part of the School’s Calendar of Activities. This was all in an effort to raise the achievement of boys at the school. She introduced students to emergency drills, taught them Arts & Craft and renamed the School Magazine to “Dèyè Larivyè a” (Behind the River).

During the period 2003-2013, Mrs. Charles worked assiduously to attain the following for the school:

(1) A computer lab sponsored by Digicel.

(2) A School Pond for breeding Tilapia.

(3) School pins in the shape of the School’s Crest.