School Building

Located in district four (4) Bexon Primary School has an enrollment of 117 students. Seventy four (74) of which are males and forty three (43) females. To ensure that students are being educated, there are twelve (12) teachers who makes up the Teaching Staff of the school.

The School Building comprises of nine(9) classrooms, Computer Lab, Science Lab, Kitchen, Library/ Music Room, Auditorium, Sick Room, 4 Student Bathrooms, the Front Office and the Principal Office.

With the increased use of technology, the school has gone on a drive to equip some classes with whiteboards, the I.T Lab with computers with internet access, a television and projector, all of which has and continue to increase and improve the instructional level at the school.

Physical Education, Music, French, Computer Classes for grade 5 & 6 and Special Education, forms an integral part of the day-to-day instruction at the school. Table Tennis, Agriculture and Chess has recently been added to the school’s curriculum to broadenĀ students experiences in a positive way.

Annually, the school holds activities at different times of the year to help enrich students’ experiences. Some of the activities include Jounen Kweyol which creates an awareness of our first language; Reading Month where the importance of reading is emphasized, where students make a greater effort to improve their reading skills. Mathematics Month is also observed and during that time, greater significance is placed on the subject in part with Problem Solving to help students improve their skills.

The School Feeding Programme has gone a long way in improving the school’s attendance over the years. Vegetables are grown in our green-house as well as ground provisions in our mini-farm and these are used to compliment food items in our school feeding programme. Students assist in the sowing of vegetable seeds in the green-house.

Every year the schools holds a Graduation Ceremony for grade six students who are leaving for Secondary School. This is a special occasion both students and parents are very grateful to attend.

The Bexon Primary School emphasizes hard work, perseverance, discipline, neatness and cleanliness, regularity and punctuality, all of which continues to boost students’ self-esteem and self-confidence. This school will continue to strive to be one of the model schools in the district.